St Anthony for Differently Abled Kids | Physical therapy
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Physical therapy

Assembly offers therapy sessions for disabled children physically three times a week and that foreign cases (non-shackled House rehabilitation) while this service is provided daily for registrants House rehabilitation, this service is provided by a physiotherapist, and offer this service in the form of sessions where each containing a session on what he needs child of therapeutic exercise and treatment of electrical devices for physical therapy


We have a three periods Physical Therapy Morning:

is a private educational center receives 57 hearing session per week and 228 per month. Noon Period: working from 2-6 m, the largest of the period and the number of children receive between 70-100 day session in 2600 and the average monthly session. Evening period: 78 session and receives a week and nearly 312 meeting per month. Assembly Balamranih the other branch receives 21 meeting weekly and 84 monthly session. Assembly Branch bridge Suez and receives 21 children a week at a rate of 260 Cilhhehria.